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And the Adventure Continues……

“Real Stories from a Real Mom”

Millennium mom, Keishla is sharing her pregnancy journey from conception to birth.

Keishla’s journey has not been the easiest but worth every challenging step❤

Read below as she continues her 1st trimester journey….

So, I decided to wean myself off the nausea and vomiting medications just to see how I would be and guess what?? It has been two days and NO THROWING UP!!

I’m also craving pizza like everyday and sour candy now too. Which is delicious but man my heartburn is going crazy.

Talking about heartburn, have you guys heard about that little myth, if you have heartburn a lot during your pregnancy that means your baby is going to have a head full of hair??? I had heartburn with my daughter and she had hair but NOT THAT MUCH hair like she had some bald spots.

See my baby girl..tons of heartburn-not a lot of hair. LOL

The most exciting event that happened this week-we learned who this little human I’m growing will be.

The entire family gathered together waiting with anticipation…..

Until we shared:


We are so excited!

Until next time…..

Loveeee, Keishla 😁🤰🤰

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