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Birth Like A Mother

Hello to all of my beautiful , wonderful, Amazing mothers and mothers to be. I hope as you read this blog post,you are in a space of contentment ,joyfulness and at overall peace.

If you follow me on Instagram ( you have seen that April is Caesarean Awareness Month. Caesarean Awareness Month was started in 1982, when Liz Handler and Esther Zorn dreamt of an organization that would spread awareness and education surrounding cesareans (Cesarean Awareness Month 2021 | International Cesarean Awareness Network ( You will see Caesarean Sections also being referred to as C-section)

I want to add the narrative : your birth / labor and delivery journey may not have went like you wanted or envisioned. You may have dreamed of a vaginal delivery and ended up with a scheduled, emergent or chosen elective C-section due to various reasons. I want you to know, no matter how you delivered: You are a mother and you have/will Birth Like a Mother!

I remember a few years ago, I met a young woman ( who name and identifying details remain private due confidentiality) who cried because she needed to have a C-section.

  1. She cried because her pregnancy journey was ending with a c-section

  2. She cried because delivery through C-section meant to her she did not earn her baby

  3. She cried because she was not able to Labor her baby into the world

  4. She cried because she thought her husband would think less of her

  5. She cried because she to her-she had failed

Hearing her story still impacts me, I remember my heart hurt because of her perspective of her pregnancy journey. My desire is no one ever feels less than. The great news is this young woman went on to deliver a healthy baby and had a healthy safe delivery. She visited me and thanked me for her care and could only talk about how wonderful she felt being a mom and so happy everything worked out well!

During this Cesearan Awareness Month; if I could experess and share anything of impact to moms and moms-to-be who are preparing for a C-section is to remember:

There is more than 1 path to a healthy baby

No labor story is the same; each one is as unique as the baby you are are carrying.

You have done the miraculous; as you nurtured your child within your own body. Preparing the world for his/her arrival. The pregnancy journey is not linear, there are many different paths, twist and turns. You have to continously ready yourself to expect the unexpected.

Most importantly : remember

  1. You are Strong

  2. You are a Woman

  3. You have not failed

  4. You are winning and will continue to win in motherhood and life all starting as you begin with your journey


Birthing Like a Mother

Purchased from shutterstock By Aron M &Tatiana Dyuvbanova

Tell me your story. I want to hear your victories through C-sections. What did your pregnancy journey teach you? Comment below

Written by Dr. Mary,RN


My motto “HealthyMom/HealthyBaby

Wife/Mother/’Doctor Nurse/Advocate for All Pregnant Women

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