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10 Things Your Infertile Friend Never Tells You

This post written by : Kristi M. blog:              “becomingthetrue” is a great post , especially during Infertility Awareness Week. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say, when to say and how to say the correct thing when you have a friend or family member experiencing Infertility.

I have gone back and forth on if this is something I wanted to write about! Infertility is a very personal and painful journey, but it is also one that has touched many people around me. April is infertility awareness month so it is a good time to be aware of this medical issue. I thought this list from was a nice little list of things that I related to!

1. I cry a lot (But still Smile)

I remember saying to someone I can feel so happy in so many ways, but there is always this sadness in my heart! The baby aisle at Meijer, the toddler at church, the pregnant women walking in the mall, you never know what will make that sadness surface.

2. I Appreciate Hugs, not Advice

The thing about infertility is people have used many different things and have had success stories! If…

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