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10 Amazing RN Tips to Survive the 2nd Trimester

This is a BIG Deal! You have crossed that 1st Trimester Hill and have started or well into the 2nd Trimester.

The 2nd Trimester is considered: Second trimester: 14 and 0/7 weeks–27 and 6/7 weeks (Months 4 –7) (The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2015)

While this Trimester is considered the Best of your Pregnancy Journey– due to the glowing skin, the glorious hair, the boost of energy, looking pregnant instead of just “full. The truth is -if you are not feeling your Best self- its okay- remember you are growing a whole human. This is a full time job- and you are doing great!

 8 AMAZING RN tips that will help you through the 2nd Trimester:

1. “Morning Sickness”

Are you still have “Morning Sickness” – If your “Morning Sickness” have persisted past the 1st trimester- First I’m sorry if that is you. Hang in there – I promise it will pass. However, speak to your provider- sometimes they can provide a medication that is safe for you and the baby that will help soothe your tummy and quiet that nausea and vomiting.

2. Dress the Bump

Dress the Bump. During the 2nd Trimester you start to look pregnant. Show off your gorgeous Baby Bump. Current Maternity Fashion is so cute and fashion forward. When building your Pregnancy Wardrobe pick items that can mixed and matched. This way you get more for your buck.

3. Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave: During this trimester- it’s a good idea while you are feeling good and not in a rush to start Maternity Leave to speak with Human Resources.   Make sure you completely understand your employers Family Medical Leave Policy. Know how much time you can take off with the baby and when you have to return to work. Normally you are allowed 6 weeks for a vaginal delivery and 8 week for a Cesarean (C-section). Some employers allow up to 12 weeks off for Maternity Leave, but not paid. Understand your policy completely and start your planning.

4. Let’s Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical! Now with that boost of Energy in your 2nd trimester. Only with your doctor’s approval Choose a Pregnancy Exercise Program that fits your personality and needs. You want to have fun: remember the goal is not to have a 6 pack- but to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy.  

Recommended exercises during pregnancy: relaxing, easy on the body and a good workout. Prenatal Yoga is also a trend currently. Walking is a fun activity. Gives you time to stretch your legs- think, see the scenery. This is also a nice activity if you have little ones. Place them in the stroller and away you go.

5. Preparation

This is a good time in your pregnancy to o start prepping your home and life to welcome the little one. If you are a first time mom: Make a List of things you will need for the baby: Clothes, Cribs, Diapers, etc ( more on another blog post at a later date).

If this baby will be a younger sibling and you have saved baby items and clothes- this is the time to sort through what can be used again or saved for later use.

6. Day Care Services

If you are choosing to return to work and you know you will need Day Care Services. This is the time to start reviewing Day Care Options and Facilities. Pick a place that you feel comfortable with, look at the reviews and do your research well.

7. Journaling

My Favorite: Journaling. Journaling your Pregnancy Journey. Your First Trimester may have been filled with nausea and extreme tiredness and you only had time to for day to day activities. Spend the 2nd trimester journaling; document your pictures, thoughts and feelings you are experiencing. You may think you will remember, but you won’t remember every detail. Take this time to document your journey. You will appreciate this later.

8. Genetic Testing

Important: During the 2nd trimester- you will be asked about Genetic Testing. Talk with our partner and doctor about what test is being offered. Do not be afraid to ask questions until you fully understand what you will be tested for and the next step. 

9.Prenatal Care

Continue to attend all prenatal care appointments. Even with the 2nd Trimester going well, it is important receive consistent prenatal care.  The doctor will check on how your pregnancy is progressing; weight gain, blood pressure, and discuss any symptoms you are having. As well as monitor your baby’s growth and well being.

Remember to keep an open dialogue with your provider to discuss all concerns you all and any concerns you may have.

10.  Enjoy this Time

It does not matter if this is your first or 10th pregnancy; this will be the only time you are in the 2nd Trimester with this pregnancy.  Take time to be in the moment. Acknowledge every feeling you have, be excited as you prepare to meet your little one, and realize you are really Amazing! You have done a great job carrying your baby to the 2nd Trimester.

You have reached a major milestone- making it to the 2nd Trimester- Congratulations! I hope these 10 tips will help you along your journey.

Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby


Mary E.   RN,BSN,MSN

Wife/Mother/Registered Nurse/’Champion of All Pregnant Women’

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