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Surviving the Summer with a Baby Bump

Summer ‘Bumpin’ (Baby Bumpin)

Sing to the tune of Grease’s Summer Nights

Summer Bumpin and having some fun!

Summer Bumpin it happened so fast

I’m carrying a human that’s as cute as can be

I’m your mommy; want the best for you and me

Pregnant days are drifting away, to uh oh those

delivery day

Baby Boy Baby Girl

Summer Pregnancy


Many women experiencing pregnancy during the summer months think they will miss out on fun with the family or be stuck at home drinking water in front of the air condition. The truth is you can still have fun, stay safe and survive the summer months of pregnancy. (Of course, remember to stay safe and follow your doctor’s recommendations).

Listed below : 8 Fun Activities and Tips to having a “Summer Bumpin Time”


It is very important for pregnant women to drink enough water- especially in the summer. You definitely want to make sure you avoid becoming dehydrated. Some signs of dehydration: dizziness, racing or pounding heart, urinating only small amounts or having dark yellow urine (The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2016). Dehydration can cause cramping /contractions in the third trimester as well as overheating (St.Laurent , 2013).


Beat the heat and drink—Water that is! Grab a pretty BPA free water bottle- fill it up and carry it with you everywhere you go!


If you have little one’s at home and pregnant- how can you entertain them during the summer months and take care of yourself and the little human you are growing?

Use your backyard.

Turn your backyard into your personal oasis. You won’t have to travel and you have the comforts of home. Make sure you and your children have on the right amount of sunscreen- and make your backyard a summer playground. You can find a kiddie pool-with just enough water for them to splash around in, turn on the sprinklers and have a ball.


You can sit right next to the children and watch them play while sipping on your ice-cold water, enjoy the summer day. However, if you feel yourself overheating- find a cool place.


You may be asking: what if I work, and don’t have time sit in the backyard all day? The great thing about the summer is the days are longer. There are more opportunities for FUN!

Once you are off from work- your family can take a walk around the block, stop at the local dairy queen or just once again-enjoy your backyard

Bubbles. Yes, simple but so magical. Entertain the children one evening after work. Bubbles are fun, affordable and lots of fun for the little ones.

4.Comfortable shoes

Swelling is common in pregnancy, due to the extra fluid in the body, combine that with the Summer heat= swollen feet and ankles. The strappy sandals and wedges are most likely off limits for now- and that’s okay. There are cute comfortable shoes you can wear during these hot months. Also, a tip is because of the swelling, going up a ½ size may increase your comfort level.


* Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing swelling and have concerns*

5.Comfortable Clothes

Once again, pregnant women have extra fluid- which causes swelling; especially in the summer heat. You want to make sure you are comfortable. Take advantage of the cute flowing maxi dresses and skirt trend. They allow room to grow, fashionable, and come in so many different patterns and styles.


Healthy, Refreshing and Delicious. Take advantage of all the available summer fruit. My favorite is Watermelon, but all fruit will help with hydration.

Enjoy the sweet delicious fruit available during the summer months. Keep in mind, some fruit have a high sugar content- so if you have Gestational Diabetes or other health concerns- Speak with your doctor or dietician on what is appropriate for you to eat.

7. Swimming

Exercise in pregnancy is a wonderful idea- if your doctor approves. However, in the summer; you don’t want to overheat. Choose exercises that will not cause you to overheat- choose indoors rather than outside to exercise. One of my favorite form of exercise swimming- it will keep you cool and is a great pregnancy exercise-low impact and relaxing. Plus, it will keep you cool. 


8.Amusement Parks

This is one summer activity that can be challenging while pregnant in the summer. Do not ride the roller coasters .


Do  make sure you are drinking water the entire time you are there. Do wear sunscreen and a sun hat to protect your sensitive skin. Do wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Do make sure you are taking time to rest. It is okay if you cannot keep up with the crowd you went with to the amusement park. You are growing a human and the sun is hot! Take it easy on yourself 🙂

Your Summer ‘Bumpin‘ time of pregnancy may be challenging, but you can have fun, stay safe ,cool and survive the summer months while growing a human.

Summer Bumpin and having some fun!

Summer Bumpin it happened so fast

I’m carrying a human that’s as cute as can be

I’m your mommy; want the best for you and me

Pregnant days are drifting away, to uh oh those

delivery day

Baby Boy Baby Girl

Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby


 Mary Echols,RN ,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/ Registered Nurse/ "Champion of All Pregnant Women'

Contact Mary @

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"Exercise During Pregnancy-ACOG."

Photo Source: Pixaby & Bossfight

@copyright Mary Echols,2017

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