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Pregnancy Love #2: Sharing the News with the Dad-to Be

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love, I want to take a moment to celebrate 

Sharing the Positive Pregnancy Test

with the



(picture source:

I want to celebrate 2/5/2018 day of #Pregnancy Love with the moment you shared your pregnancy news with the dad-to-be

Did you take the pregnancy test with your partner? Or did you take the test alone and get to share the exciting news ?

This moment will be in your memories forever- the moment you realize 2 will become a family of 3 or more.


(picture source:

Its a life changing moment. A moment of joy, dreams realized, hope and happiness. Its a moment that is yours together.

Listed below are 5 Unique Ways to Tell Your Partner you are Pregnant!!!

You can be creative, be simple, be fun, but most importantly – Be you!

(1) Be Creative

  1. Give a the dad to be a Baby Gift  or Coffee Mug with a saying “Best Dad Ever”

  2. Give dad a baby gift- stand back watch while he opens it and wait for the reaction….

  3. Trust me- that moment will be priceless 🙂  Bonus points for recording it

(You can also use that gift for Baby Announcement photos later)


( &

(2) Just say “Hey! You’re going to be a daddy!

(3)Play a Game

  1.   Pictionary

See the source image

(4)Give a card (you can save the card for years as a memory)

(5)Write a heartfelt letter with your news and about your journey to this point in your life

Take this time to share in it together! This the start of your journey. The ups the downs the nausea and the hopes! It is a time to dream and plan-together.

The truth is , it does not matter  how you share your news of that Positive Pregnancy Test-

It only matters that you make it a part of your story together

and Celebrate the

#Pregnancy Love

I would love to hear from you, and if you want to be featured on the Blog or Instagram during the month of February during the #Pregnancy Love series – e-mail me (Mary) at


By: Mary E. , RN,BSN,MSN


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