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Baby 🌙 Moon

I remember hearing about Baby Moons and thinking what a cute idea for new parents or even experienced parents.

A Baby Moon will give parents an opportunity to spend time together as a couple before the family grows. I also like the idea of having a Family/Baby Moon and including your children before the new little one arrives. 


The second trimester is always a good time for a Baby Moon for the renewed energy and decreases nausea and overall feeling much better than the 1st Trimester .

DISCLAIMER: Always ask your doctor before traveling while pregnant

I recently had the opportunity to visit Frankenmuth,MI or “Little Barvaria” and thought what a great place to have a Family/Baby Moon.

Imagine you and your partner /family walking hand in hand through the cobblestone pathway,  every way you look- your vision is filled with colorful flowers, water fountains, green grass, colorful little store buildings. Not only is your vision filled, your nose can’t help following the tantalizing smells of fudge , crepes, hot fresh Beignets and baked goods.

 Frankenmuth is a small city , but packed BIG with everything you will want on a Baby Moon. There is always something fascinating happening in Frankenmuth.

An added bonus if you live in the Metro Detroit area it is an easy drive. Once you arrive , it feels as if you have traveled far ,when in reality the drive is like a hop, skip and jump from the Metro Detroit Area. , inexpensive, gorgeous and so many fun things to do while you are there. This is the perfect location if you are looking for easy assessable, fun and have the opportunity to bond as a couple and family before your little one is welcomed into your world. There are many nice affordable hotels you can book for the weekend.  I recommend The Barvarian Inn Lodge which is located in Downtown Frankenmuth. This hotel is quaint and offer rooms  for couples or families.


Take a walk on  the covered bridge. It allows automobiles and also have a place for pedestrians to walk.


Take a stroll along the River Place Shops.

The “Your Name Here” Shop is the perfect little shop for finding that special memento to take home as a reminder of your trip and baby to come. 

I actually did this shortly after our  baby girl was born. My husband and I choose an ornament and had it personalized with her name and birthdate to hang on our 1st tree as a family of 3; similar to the phot below.


At the “Your Name Here ” shop, you can pick a traditional pink or blue ornament. This shop also have different items such as a picture frame, piggy bank or plaque you can personalize for Free.  It will last a life time and you will have story of why and how you choose that item.

My daughter has loved the horse carriage rides since she was 2 years old, and it’s a tradition we continue to this day.


I recommend you and your partner if you are traveling with children or not to take a Horse Carriage Ride. We love Fantasy Carriage- the horses and buggy are adorned in the prettiest decorations and the friendly Carriage driver gives a tour of the village- you can take the 15 minute ride or 30 minute ride.

The ride through the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful -even though Main Street is a few streets away. The Carriage Ride can be family friendly as the carriage ride driver is engaging or it can be romantic as you and your partner cuddle.

You can’t help but be tempted by the tantalizing smells of treats upon treats. Of course being pregnant you want to stay healthy and avoid large doses of caffeine. However, if you are able to have a small treat, please indulge in the sweets.

While Frankenmuth is packed with many things for  you to do , remember you want time to relax and enjoy one another.

Take time to “wish” /pray for the future you envision for your new family .


If you brought the  soon to be older sibling (s), make sure you include them in your traditions.


Most importantly no matter if you decide to take a Baby Moon or not; use this time in your pregnancy to enjoy this moment. This will be the only time in your life you are pregnant with this child, the only time your family dynamic is the way it is.

This moment in your life and pregnancy this pregnancy is precious.  So Baby Moon or Not- Pre-Baby Staycation or not -use this time before the baby to enjoy your current family dynamic, embrace and  prepare for the new chapter of your life.

Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby


Mary Echols, RN , BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Registered Nurse/ “Champion of All Pregnant Women”

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