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Wednesdays with the Waltons

Kids have a way of being honest, almost to a fault. It’s to the point, where, as a parent, you just want to disappear.  Blend into your surroundings.  Melt into the ground. Or walk away without looking back.  Sometimes pictures tell a thousand words.  These are just a few quotes and moments I’ve captured.

  1. Imagine trying to sleep while Princess Girl rubs her Barbie shoe on your face, asking, “Does this feel good?” No. Not really. Hard, pointy plastic being rubbed on your face.

  1. She just asked me “can we have a conversation?” Sure. And are you Barbara Walters.

Ahh. To sleep.  Even while standing up.  What I wouldn’t give to master this skill.

  1. Princess wanted me to look at her milk mustache. She then said “Is my mustache POPPIN’?”  

  1. Most kids love driving around the holidays looking at all the lights. Not my child. When I asked the kids: “doesn’t that look pretty?” Asher replied, “it looks like a waste of energy.” Great. I’m raising the Grinch.     

Someone should have warned Eric to never fall asleep while kids are awake. And armed with pizza.

  1. When your baby tells you, “I love you too. But no more kisses ok?” Nine months and going through labor for you? I’ll kiss you all I want.

  1. Worldly advice from Princess, “I am not doodoo. I’m your sister. You have to be nice.”

  1. And yet more advice that should be heeded, “Get off my bike with your big head!!”  

A warning that can not be ignored. When your son asks, “Are these markers permanent?” My mistake was not inquiring why the curiosity? My second mistake, when it became quiet and I didn’t look to see what 3 boys were doing. I found out later.

  1. “Can your woody do this?” Are words a mother never wants to hear. I decide to take a peek in the room. And was relieved to see my boys swinging the Woody doll from Toy Story around the room.         

  1. When you hear a small knocking and hear “help me.” After following the sound you discover this. 


  1. The boys excitedly point and with such sweet enthusiasm say, “Is that a real midget?!” I quickly walk away without looking back.    

  1.  When you run and take a picture then help your son. How he did this, you still wonder to this day.         


  1. Eating at a Chinese restaurant, my kids look forward to the fortune cookies. My son picks his and says, “Mine is about bananas.”   

The original Captain Underpants!

  1. Your son is reading a book, which you decide is quite big so you ask, “What are you reading?” The response, The Dictionary. Oh. Not something I even considered to have on my reading list.     

  1. No words, necessary.


Kids are amazing little people that have a mind of their own. They will make you laugh, cry and sometimes question your parenting skills. But I would never change one thing in these past years with my children.


Kristine Walton, RN , BSN

Wife/ Mother of 5/Registered Nurse

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What things do your children say?

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