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The Art of Letting Go

So it happened. I learned to let go. My baby girl; my 1 and only started Kindergarten.

This was a major stepping stone for her and our family. Until Kindergarten, she had always been in the care of us her parents or grandparents. However, the time had come to learn The Art of Letting Go. What?! She’s a baby! How could I let her go-send her away to strangers for hours without me there-watching? How could I trust she would be cared for? Yes, I’ll admit it took researching schools, touring schools, much discussions and prayer. However, when we walked into one particular school- we were home. The setting, the academics, the organization , the cleanliness, the current parents praises of the school , the teachers were engaged, the administration was helpful and the uniforms were cute 😉 We had found the school for our daughter. I loved the school helped the Kindergarten class  become comfortable with going to school . Starting in the summer the school hosted:  Kindergarten play dates,  Popsicles with the Principal , Meet and Greet the teacher and become use to the classroom prior to the first day.


Postcard From the teacher welcoming Baby Girl to her class

The Official 1st Day of Kindergarten,8/28/2017. It was time, time to practice The Art of Letting Go. Putting Faith into action and trusting the process. After all-letting go is trusting,right? I had to activate my faith and trust placing my daughter with educators to direct, care and teach. I had to trust we have raised her to this point to be able to function away from us. To know how to navigate her world without us being physically there. To know herself. This is what we want.  Sounds simple, but is it hard? Yes! and again Yes!  However, is it right?  Yes! and again Yes!


Baby Girl’s 1st day went surprisingly well.  Her dad, Steve and I walked her to the classroom, helped her find her table, put away her supplies.

Then she asked…..

“Are you leaving?” What? Maybe I did not hear her. I bent down, my ear close to her mouth to listen closely.  “You guys can leave now”. Yep, I heard right. After prayers, pictures, hugs and kisses; we left. No tears from me or her. Steve had a few tears; or as he says ” my allergies are flaring”.

As we left her with a quick glance back; it was definitely a surreal moment for sure-yet one I felt at peace with. (Full disclosure, yes I checked my cell phone every 2 minutes to make sure I did not miss a call from the school and would not let Steve leave to far from the school, just in case I had to make it back quickly).

I know this is the beginning as I let go of her hand and let her walk into independence. Grade School will fly by and all I will have are memories of my baby girl with the pigtails and missing teeth saying ” I love you to the Moon and Back”.

8/28/2017 will forever be ingrained in my mind and heart. A moment I begin the Art of Letting Go. 

As I reflect on this week- which went well; I thought about parenting. As parents our goals should always include letting go. While its true- I’m the mom who has a small part that wants to attach myself to baby girl and never let go. In reality, in my heart I want Baby Girl to discover who God has designed her to be, to witness her walk into the promise He has ordained for her.

Kindergarten is the 1st stepping stone for Baby Girl; one that will be a distant memory for her one day. However, I want this first stepping stone to lay a foundation for the years to come.

I want to let go in Faith and Trust she will

  1. Always Know Who She Is

  2. Always Follow God’s Will

  3. Be Kind

  4. Know When to Speak and When to Listen

  5. And Always know even while I’m letting go in my heart I’m holding on – Always


By: Mary Echols, RN , BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Registered Nurse

Do you have any 1st Day of School advice or thoughts

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