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Pregnancy Love :#7:Your Maternal Fetal Medicine Team

Focusing on #Pregnancy Love,

I want to take a moment to celebrate 

moms who are having a high risk pregnancy

and their

Maternal Fetal Medicine Team (MFM)

For some families, the pregnancy journey is not easy. It is met with challenges and dips and bumps in the road. This is the story for moms with High Risk Pregnancies.During #Pregnancy Love Month , I want to celebrate your endurance and strength and wisdom when choosing the perfect Maternal Fetal Medicine Team to have with you on your journey.


For families who are experiencing High Risk Pregnancies, they meet their High Risk team in the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department. Today, for #PregnancyLove Month, I want to celebrate familes who have an Amazing Maternal Fetal Medicine Team.A team who takes a personal interest in their patient’s pregnancy and goal is to have a healthy mom and healthy baby.

For those moms with high risk pregnancies during #Pregnancy Love Month. I want to not only celebrate your strength and endurance and hope . I want to celebrate you for picking  a wonderful MFM team to have on your side as you travel your Pregnancy Journey.

Healthy Mom/ Healthy Baby

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