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My Wife is Growing a Human- Now What?

6 Tips for Dad During Pregnancy

Dads you have chosen to embark on this Amazing Adventure of Pregnancy with your wife. This journey is not for the faint of heart; there will be good days, challenging days and also the best days of your life. While you are not the one carrying the baby- you definitely have a role on this journey.

As the one not carrying the baby, it can be difficult to know what, when and how to navigate the road of pregnancy. The best thing to do is to care, listen, support and be present during the pregnancy.

Listed below are 6 Tips for traveling this pregnancy journey with enthusiasm, joy, and direction.


If this is your first pregnancy or even 10th– each pregnancy is unique. Your partner is experiencing symptoms she has only read about and who better to share this with than you. The best way you can be there is to listen as she discusses the morning sickness, hopes, fears and the Awesomeness of having a baby. Remember if it’s important to her, it’s important to you.

2.Help Around the House

You will be the ultimate hero when you assume more responsibilities around the home. During pregnancy energy is depleted and often your wife may feel sick and need that extra rest. Also, growing a human is hard work.

I recommend Dads new task is changing the cat litter, if you are not already doing so.. Exposure to Cat Litter during pregnancy can increase the risk of contracting an infection called Toxoplasmosis-which can cause harm to the baby.

3.Attend Appointments

It may difficult to coordinate both of your schedules for every prenatal appointment. However, being together for the Major appointments such as the first heartbeat heard around 13 weeks and the ultrasound appointments, is a wonderful bonding experience when you “hear and see” your baby.

4.Childbirth Classes

Attend Childbirth Classes together. I cannot say enough about the benefits of Childbirth classes, especially if this is your first baby. Childbirth classes allows you to form a bond together as you prepare for pregnancy and Labor and Delivery. It’s a safe place to bring all questions- big and small as you get ready to meet your little one.

5.Spend Time Together as a Couple

Once baby arrives, your schedule and priorities will change. This is true if this is your 1st or 10th child. It is nice to spend quiet relaxing time together before the arrival of the little one. Some couples like to take a ‘Baby Moon’- a little vacation before the birth of your baby. However, it does not have to be an extravagant outing. Doing something with special meaning for you both, or having a romantic dinner or even a quiet relaxing evening at home are great ideas. The goal is to connect and share time as 2, before you become 3 or more.

6.Make Memories

This is a precious time. Make memories that will last forever. You can do pregnancy announcement photo shoots, a gender reveal party, plan the baby shower together and decorate and organize the Nursery. Every little moment together, as you prepare for baby, is creating priceless memories that will last a life time.


Dads, the most important thing to remember is, this is you and your partner’s journey together. This journey is filled with joyful moments, unexpected twist and turns; yet you will arrive at your destination with your sweet baby


Support one another, love one another and most importantly prepare for the most

Amazing Adventure of Your Life.




Mary E., RN,BSN, MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Champion of All Pregnant Women


(Article Source:Jones JL, Krueger A, Schulkin J, Schantz PM. Toxoplasmosis Prevention and Testing in Pregnancy, Survey of Obstetrician-Gynaecologists. Zoonoses Public Health. 2010 57, Number 1, February 2010 , pp. 27-33(7).

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