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Hello Everyone!  My name is Nurse Mary;I am a Master’s Prepared Registered Nurse with 10+ years’ experience. A graduate of The University of Detroit Mercy who have practiced the majority of my career in Women’s Health-from Labor and Delivery , OB/Gyn triage to my most current role as the Maternal Fetal Medicine Nurse Coordinator. I can honestly say Nursing is a calling which I heard at a young age. I am blessed and take pride in practicing as a nurse.

My passion, whether I am at the bedside, in the clinic setting or mentoring is to create an environment where women can thrive and have their best experience. My current role is providing care to  mother’s who are experiencing high risk pregnancies. My goal is to help each woman and their family on their pregnancy journey. For their pregnancy journey to be stress free and manageable and for every woman to experience the best outcome for their current  situation . My ultimate goal is to have everyone experience a Healthy Pregnancy /Healthy Baby. I wear many hats at different times: I’m a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, Nurse, sister, educator, and mentor. I love coaching pregnant women through their pregnancies and as well as mentoring the next generation of nurses. Of course: I am a Champion of All Pregnant Women!

The goal of my blog: The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy is to reach all women- to have a network available that will educate on Women’s Health Issues, Empower Women to take ownership of their bodies and health, and have a platform where women from all walks of life can connect with one another. The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy would like to travel with you on your journey to Motherhood. The goal is to not treat you during your pregnancy, but rather to offer a guide through the journey of pregnancy. The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy Blog is a community where you can stop and have those unexpected questions answered and discuss your experience with other women on the same journey. A community where you can share your hopes, dreams, fears and excitement and be empowered to have ownership over your body and health. The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy will offer a guide so your pregnancy is filled with joy and is stress free.

My motto is Healthy Mom/Healthy Baby. So join me on your journey to motherhood with   The Amazing Adventures of Pregnancy.

(*Disclaimer: this Blog is not intended to take the place of your doctor or offer medical advice*)

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