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Enjoying Your Fall Pregnancy!

Happy Fall Fri Yay!! ( to quote my 5year old) Are you enjoying your Fall Friday?


Being pregnant in the Fall can be a wonderful thing.

Listed below are 5 Simple yet Wonderful Things I enjoyed during my Fall Pregnancy.

I Hope you are enjoying them too.

 1.) Outfits

Sweaters ,scarves, boots, Oh My!


The layer look is in and Pregnancy Fall clothes are adorable! Rock the Bump with a classically chic style.

2.) Outings

Fall is the perfect time to take a leisurely stroll with your family, as the leaves crunch under your feel as you wonder towards the AMAZING FARMER MARKETS!!!Crunchy leaves during a leisurely stroll with your family.

While there be sure to stock up on jams, vegetables and treasures you find there.


3.) Cider Mills!!!

Doughnuts and all things wonderful!

**Important -remember don’t drink unpasteurized drinks**


4. )Pregnancy Announcements

Fall pregnancy announcements are the most adorable- the colors, the scenery add a certain flair to your photos.

Below is one of my favorite Pregnancy Announcements!


Of course Fall would not be fall if we did not mention the ….

5.) Perfect weather

Not to hot/ not too cold. It seems during pregnancy you can never be comfortable. The summer heat is stifling and clothes are sticking. Winter weather is biting cold and the extra padding can make you feel like a  snowman. 

With Fall you can’t beat the excellent fall days.

6.) Foot wear

Let’s admit ladies- bending down to tie your shoe when pregnant can be slightly uncomfortable- but if you wear Fall boots-they are tall enough you can pull them up –win for the baby bump!


The truth is any season you are pregnant is a wonderful season. Enjoy your Fall pregnancy!!!


Do you have any Fall Pregnancy stories you want to share… Please comment below…

I want to hear from you- your favorite part of being pregnant in the Fall


Mary Echols,RN,BSN,MSN

Wife/Mother/Nurse/Advocate of all Pregnant Women

Contact me at

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