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7 Positive Things Pregnancy Will Teach You

Are you Eagerly anticipating one of the biggest loves to enter your life? As you wait t to hold, cuddle and love your baby. Pregnancy is an Amazing Adventure that will literally leave you breathless at times, prove that you are stronger than you ever thought, and wiser than you imagined. It is a phase of life where you truly expect the unexpected and prepare to feel joy immeasurable.

There are so many ways you begin to prepare when you find out you are pregnant. You prepare your body and mind, you prepare your world to welcome a new baby. A lot of your time is spent learning what to expect during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

The awesome thing is while you are busy learning and preparing for your Pregnancy; your Pregnancy is teaching you!

Listed below are 7 Positive Things your Pregnancy will Teach You


40 weeks can seem a lifetime to carry a little human. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) describes a full term pregnancy at 40 weeks. You may want to rush through this phase and just hold your baby, but you cannot; it takes a baby 40 weeks to develop. The March of Dimes, 2011 recommends full-term infants have better outcomes then infants born earlier. The baby lungs, brain and liver have time to fully develop. These 40 weeks will teach you how to have patience to wait on the gift to come. It will be worth it.


Pregnancy is amazing, but some of those pregnancy symptoms are uncomfortable. Round ligament pain, swollen feet, aching back, Braxton hicks contractions are a few symptoms that you may not have expected. Not only can the pain be uncomfortable; the nausea and extreme tiredness can take a toll on the body. However,

Pregnancy will teach you: You are STRONG.

You can grow, carry and nurture a human. You can be extremely tired, take care of your other children, work full time, grow a human and still Win!


During your pregnancy you will find you may have a Do It Yourself gene (DIY). Creating everything from baby shower invites and games,designing the baby Nursery, creating healthy meal plans that rival the best dieticians. Pinterest may become your go-to for everything. The awesome thing is, Pregnancy will teach you is that you are good at creating items for the baby and yourself. Go Mom! Winning at Pinterest!

4.Capacity to Love beyond Love

If this is your1st, 2nd or more baby; Pregnancy will teach you and continue to teach you; you can love beyond. That your love becomes all-encompassing. That love does not divide, but truly multiplies and increases.


As your pregnancy begins to develop and your bump is front and center; you may find yourself in awe; that you are truly growing a person. You have the capability to bring life into the world. I am a believer when you come into that knowledge and awareness, a confidence emerges. Your body has a purpose and it makes sense.

Your Pregnancy will teach you to Stand Proud, Stand Strong, Dress your Bump and Be You!


If you are on the timid side and do not always speak up for your wants, needs, and expectations. Pregnancy will unleash a fierce protectiveness gene from within. When it comes to your baby that you are carrying; if you feel something is not right, you will become the advocate for your baby and your pregnancy.

7.Believe in Miracles

Pregnancy is truly a miraculous event. Over 200 million Sperm released and met 1 egg is amazing in itself. Being able to carry your baby in a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy child is marvelous. How incredible that you get to participate in bringing life into the world.

Pregnancy will teach you, Miracles still happen.

As you wait 40 weeks to meet your baby and prepare to make their entrance in the world beautiful. Take time during the Pregnancy to listen to your body and your thoughts; this pregnancy is teaching you great things.

Enjoy The Adventure!

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