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1st Day of 1st Grade: Hope

The time has come. Time to say goodbye to Cot Time, Play time and Snack time. Time to step from “baby” into childhood. If you haven’t guessed- its 1st GRADE time!


Look at that little hand 🙂 

Wow! Exciting happy, slightly emotional (and that just us parents )

I wanted to write a post about the first day of 1st grade for my little one.  I want to grasp what this milestone meant for  my baby girl  daughter ( can I still say baby girl?) and our family.

So while I was preparing,  packing school supplies

and gearing up for the 1st day of 1st Grade- I was continually thinking what does this mean for her and us? What do I want for her this year?

Then I saw the word


and it resonated within me and I knew:


  1. Hope that her year is Amazing

  2. Hope that she walks in the confidence of who she is

  3. Hope that she never doubts her abilities

  4. Hope she finds herself surrounded by True Friends

  5. Hope that her world will be filled with  Love, Grace, Peace & Joy

  6. Hope she feels safe and empowered

  7. Hope she has the voice to speak her truth- Always

  8. Hope her ear is turned towards the Lord’s voice

  9. Hope she always dance like no one is watching

I cannot lie- The truth is, it can be uncomfortable sending your baby into the world- no matter the age or season or milestone. It may be the 1st day of Preschool, Kindergarten, High School, College or the 1st day at their 1st professional job. When we look at them – we still see that baby, that toddler just learning to navigate their world.

As parents we HOPE

Hope that they are living their best lives without compromise. So this year I join with you on this 1st day of 1st grade- as she enters into the a different environment-

I HOPE with you that your ‘babies’- no matter if they are 4, 5, 6 , 18 or in their 20s or more-that they excel in life, that they walk in their purpose , that they learn to 

Hope and Dream on their own.

                      Happy School Days Everyone!



Wife/Mother/Nurse/”Champion ” for all pregnant women


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